Our priorities are the sustainability and ambition of the companies in which we invest. This vision shapes the way we interact with companies, from within or outside their Boards of Directors. It also plays a major role when the time comes for us to find a shareholder for a company, to succeed us. Our approach is based on relationships of trust between the shareholder and directors, and on an understanding and respect of each party’s role.

We are passionate about ensuring that our companies have a long-term strategy. To this end, our role is to make sure a business has solid fundamentals and that its people are mobilized behind its strategic goal. If appropriate, we review changes in strategies, as we are convinced that long-term success is achieved by adapting, and sometimes by profound questioning.

We are very ambitious on behalf of our companies. We encourage them to choose markets in which they can develop sustainable leadership positions, in order to achieve their goals. We encourage them to invest in innovation, international expansion, and build-up, to create new leadership opportunities.

We uphold the highest standards in terms of our companies’ operational performance. Short-term performance is not a goal in itself, but a necessity in order to build a successful long-term strategy.

We expect our companies to implement their strategies in line with business ethics and the laws and regulations in force in the countries in which they operate.