• LIGIER GROUP – Licence-free cars


  • de BUYER – kitchen equipment and utensils for professionals and keen amateurs.

  • PELLENC – agricultural equipment (wine- and olive-growing).

  • SIREM – geared motors and pumps; electric motor systems.

  • ZURFLÜH FELLER – components and accessories for roller shutters.

  • GAVIOTA SIMBAC – components, accessories and motors for roller shutters and awnings.

Edify prefers to invest in non-listed French and European companies. As a multi-sector investor, Edify also pays close attention to opportunities within the wine- and olive-growing industry.

Edify adapts its approach as a shareholder to each company’s situation. It focuses on two types of investment:

  • Majority equity investments (immediate or within a predefined timeframe) in medium-sized companies, with the aim of supporting their long-term growth,
  • Investments in smaller companies at key stages in their development, They may be majority or minority-owned, and are usually made as part of a majority group of financial shareholders; moderate leverage may be used for their financing.