• PELLENC – agricultural equipment (wine- and olive-growing).

  • de BUYER – kitchen equipment and utensils for professionals and keen amateurs.


  • SIREM – geared motors and pumps; electric motor systems.

  • ZURFLÜH FELLER – components and accessories for roller shutters.

  • GAVIOTA SIMBAC – components, accessories and motors for roller shutters and awnings.

  • LIGIER GROUP – Licence-free cars

We are active partners of our companies and their management teams.

Without ever being intrusive, we maintain a dialog with directors. In addition to using traditional reporting channels, we cover issues that are essential to a company’s long-term future: implementation of strategic projects, improvement of performance and associated indicators, key personnel.

Our companies benefit from the experience of the Edify team, made up of former directors and managers of small- and medium-sized companies that have undergone major changes.

We establish a climate of trust between the shareholder and directors.

Edify has an extensive network of industry experts. If and when requested by companies, we call upon these experts to provide support for action plans to improve performance.