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Founded in Barcelona in 1986, Agromillora is a global provider of advanced plant propagation services to the agricultural industry including olive trees, vines, stone fruit trees, almonds and other nut trees, berries and citrus trees.


Percentage holding


Native country

€80 million

Sales in 2023

1 300


Over 65%

of sales outside Iberian Peninsula

21 April 2022

Investment date

Strong international presence

With over 55% of sales generated outside of the Iberian Peninsula, the group counts among the leaders in most major fruit trees-growing markets (particularly in Spain, Chile and the United States). It has 10 subsidiaries worldwide, to be close to its customers

Strategy focused on innovation and agriculture transformation

In the years to come, the Group’s strategy is resolutely focused on innovation, in particular through entering new geographical markets and new species which have not yet been transformed to more sustainable and efficient models. Strengthening the collaboration with universities, research centers, the breeding community and other tech companies to contribute to the agriculture transformation is also one of the drivers on which the Company will base its future development.