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Gaviota Simbac designs and manufactures components and motors for roller shutters and awnings. Gaviota Simbac solutions combine design, ease of use and energy efficiency. This family company was founded in 1967 and has achieved impressive international growth in recent years, especially in South America.


Percentage holding


Native country

€239 million

Sales in 2023




in Spain

around 50%

of sales generated outside of the Iberian Peninsula


international subsidiaries

2 July 2001

Investment date

Well developed manufacturing facilities

Gaviota operates 7 automated aluminium die casts in Alicante, one of the largest coating units in Europe that can produce profiles of up to 7 meters in length, plastic injection machines and a mould workshop and matrices.

Growth strategy devised according to where it is operating

In Europe, Gaviota Simbac sells components and accessories. In South America, the company has adapted its strategy due to the lack of established operators and therefore sells assembled and semi-finished products ready to be installed.