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Created in 2016, K-Ryole designs and manufactures electric trailers and material handling trucks for the last mile logistics and construction markets. K-Ryole technology detects and adapts in real-time to the pulling force exerted by the user. Its two product lines – the electric bike trailer (logistics) and the electric material handling trucks (construction industry), allows users to effortlessly move payloads of up to 500kg, by bike or by hand


Percentage holding

(Ile-de-France and Lot-et-Garonne)

Native country

€2.4 million

Sales in 2022

+/- 50


Over 130

customers, in France and in Europe

15 March 2022

Investment date

A fast-growing company

The company already has more than one hundred customers, in France and Europe, including leading construction and logistics groups, as well as many small and medium-sized companies, impressed by the ease of use and environmental benefits of K-Ryole solutions. The company will continue to expand its sales forces in France and beyond. K-Ryole also intends to increase investment to reduce its environmental impact and sustain its R&D drive. Now used by leading logistics and construction companies, K-Ryole’s effort-cancellation technology will soon be extended to other applications and will lead to the creation of new product ranges.

A manufacturing company

Since its inception, K-Ryole has sought to control the manufacturing process of its vehicles and has opted for a local supply chain, close to its Paris workshop. As a result of its strong growth, in 2021 K-Ryole built a dedicated factory for its products at a 4,500m² site in Tonneins, Lot-et-Garonne (South-West France).