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The Ligier Group’s DNA originates in the world of motor racing (Formula 1). Born out of the merger of Ligier and Microcar in 2008, Ligier Group produces more than 15,000 vehicles each year and employs 530 people at two production sites (Boufféré in the Vendée and Abrest in the Allier) and in four commercial subsidiaries in Italy, Spain, Germany and Austria.

The Ligier and Microcar brands are distributed through a network of 800 expert centres.


Percentage holding

(Vendée and Allier)

Native country

€196 million

Sales in 2023



Over 50%

of sales made outside France


expert centres

7 September 2016

Investment date

Consolidate positioning on an established market and diversify

Constituting the historic know-how of the group, the ranges for individual customers have evolved significantly in recent years in terms of design and functionality, in order to meet the needs of new, younger and more European customers.

The Ligier Professional range is line with the new demands of urban mobility and is experiencing strong growth. It consists of light utility vehicles, which are sold directly to a clientèle of large companies and government bodies.

Constant innovation

The Ligier Group has demonstrated excellent resilience and a great ability to adapt to the early 2010s through constant innovation.

Strengthen growth prospects abroad

Currently nearly half the Ligier Group’s sales are made abroad and its international development potential should allow it to consolidate its strong growth prospects and profitability.